A Pro-Wrestling Lifestyle Podcast

#14 – Being the Elitist

– Froy loved “Being The Elite” since he hates poor people…at Starbucks.
– Leading into Hell In A Cell 2017
– Bullet Club shirts being in bad taste given how non-wrestling fans may see them.
– The benefits of WWE buying the TNA library
– Trailers for “Marvel’s Runaways”, “Annihilation” and “Pacific Rim: Uprising”
– Fast & Furious Feud between The Rock & Tyrese
– Hank with Non-Spoiler “Blade Runner 2049” talk
– What does the stereotypical pro-wrestling fan look like?
– At end of the gay!?
– WWE no longer produces MUST see events and why just being a weekly TV is not enough for in to thrive in the golden age of television.
– Froy and Hank pick the top 3 current wrestlers they would build a new promotion around to go head to head with the WWE.

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