A Pro-Wrestling Lifestyle Podcast

#15 – The Toxic (Masculinity) Avenger

Hot Button episode!

– The Harvey Weinstein controversy
– Oliver Stone & Steven Segal have both lost their minds
– The Foreigner
– Rebooting the Rush Hour series with WWE Superstars
– Micro Review of Hell in the Cell 2017
– Hank gushes over The Usos vs The New Day Hell in the Cell match
– Rusev NEEDS to turn face
– The Shield’s reunion is a YouTube hit
– Froy thinks The Shield are the Kardashian sisters of the WWE
– Sami Zane & Kevin Ownes post Hell in the Cell 2017
– The abusive family dynamics of the Owens vs. Shane feud
– Toxic masculinity
– Is Neville really gone from WWE?
– CM Punk is Jon Hamm handsome
– Hank & Froy really put over the Edge & Christian Podcast
– What’s the overall goal of The Shield reunion?
– Hank plots out how he would book a Finn Balor vs. Brock Lesner feud, that would keep Lenser champion going into next years Wrestlemania, while still keeping Balaor strong…and Froy kinds likes it!
– The last 30 minutes are a spoiler-filled discussion about the artistry, poetry, and philosophy of Blade Runner 2049[audio

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