#27 – Controversy Creates Content

Wrestling With Reality Ep #27 – Controversy Creates Content
Let’s see how many people we can alienate with a single podcast.
-83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff
-All these podcasts, including ours, are really marketing pieces for the properties to make money.
– Does a pro-wrestler’s political beliefs play any factor in being a fan?
– Do you have to be “ALL IN” when it comes to your political alliance or can there be nuance?
-Froy finally saw Deadpool 2 and gives his take.
– Enzo Amore (Real1) Steve Austin Podcast interview.
– Froy calls out Actors
– The market of Celebrity
– James Bond 25 rumors. Mark Strong as the villain. How’s going be the next Bond? Tom Hardy? Tom Hiddleston?
– Is the idea and appeal of Bond outdated?
– James Ellsworth is back in WWE
– Hank’s old school crush on Dawn Marie
– Real world hot vs Movie/TV hot
– Tom King’s Batman leading into the Wedding.
– Is it possible to get burned out with it comes to a superhero character and or a Pro-Wrestling character?
– Froy is a true instigator. A true Heel.
– Who invested Ranch dressing on Pizza?
– Overlooking the backstage and personal issues performer if they deliver on the mic and in the ring.
– The Meta nature of the Pro-Wrestling performer and the character they play.
– Comic books vs. Wrestling. What is a moral socially and culturally acceptable art form?
– Bailey heel turn? Froy thinks so. Hank thinks not.
– The influence of Avengers: Infinity War on Pro-Wrestling.
– The most important conversation EVER. What kind of mobile phone is Hank going to upgrade to?

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