A Pro-Wrestling Lifestyle Podcast

#54 – Hope in the World

  • Dave Chapelle’s Sticks & Stones Netflix Special.
  • Kevin Nash’s costumes in WCW.
  • AEW NXT Wednesday Night Wars.
  • “No time To Die” as the new James Bond movie title.
  • Jenna Jameson goes Keto.
  • New XFL teams.
  • WWE getting into the podcast game.
  • We disagree on Sasha Bank’s weak heat.
  • Ricochet beating Drew McIntyre in the King of the Ring Tournament.
  • It no longer pays to be Roode.
  • Why the Kofi Kingston v Randy Orton feud is finally giving Kofi a time to shine as WWE Champion.
  • Enzo and Big Cass back to nxt rumors?
  • Young Bucks or The Hardy Boys?
  • Our AEW All Out predictions.
  • Why Hank is holding on to the smallest spec of hope that CM Punk will join AEW…and why.

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