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#57 – One Hell of a Joke

WWRPOD.com #57 One Hell of A Joke

In this episode the BOYS go all over the place as usual:
-Joker Movie Review
-Bond Poster Talk
-AEW Demographics -Glut of Wrestling
-Their own person Top 10 wrestlers (active) in the world
-The Problem of the Fiend part 2: Can’t have it all Vince
-Inner Circle /Jericho Promo
-NXT better wrestling problem
-Did we ruin the internet or did the internet expose us…
-NBA in China, Saudi Arabia, WWE crown jewel
-Rambo 5, Stallone tying up loose ends.
-Hollywood Bayley
-Smackdown week 1 and week 2
-XFL Pay
And much much more…

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