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– Hank’s taste in music & film is called into question. – A recap of NXT Sacramento LIVE from a fan AND non-fan’s point of view. – Hank is high on NXT’s Mandy Rose & Riddick Moss. – Froy “schools” Hank on balanced Wrestling Names. – We debate Daniel Bryan […]

-Hank attends NXT LIVE! -Meeting The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer -Hank & Froy debate the Nakamura vs. Cena botch -Judging people on their shoes and wallet -Being bored and the need for overstimulation -Froy argues that Predator is an anti-immigration movie! -The origin of how we each became Pro-Wrestling fans.

– Your Last 30-Seconds on Earth – Scott Steiner returns to TNA….and Hank doesn’t care. – We talk WWE 24: Finn Balor – Nice Guy and Jerk wrestlers – How much life does Pro-Wrestling have left as popular entertainment? – Why team sports may be dying off over the next […]

– Scott Hall’s scared shaking fingers! – Ric Flair’s Doing Legal Commercials – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – Blade Runner 2049 Trailer with Dave Bautista – Hank Renames “The Reverent”, “The Bear” – Review of Payback 2017 – Dwayne The Rock Johnson Running for President in 2020 – […]

-The JBL bullying controversy -Jinder Mahal’s Push -Randy Orton being boring -Vince Russo calling Indy fans gay -Hank on being a Finn Balor fan -Does the Cruiser Weight division hinder talent based on their size and weight? -At what age should parents allow their kids watch wrestling? -Comparing the porn […]