A Pro-Wrestling Lifestyle Podcast

#9 – Pulling Out

– Hank’s taste in music & film is called into question.
– A recap of NXT Sacramento LIVE from a fan AND non-fan’s point of view.
– Hank is high on NXT’s Mandy Rose & Riddick Moss.
– Froy “schools” Hank on balanced Wrestling Names.
– We debate Daniel Bryan coming out of retirement.
– Baron Corbin loosing his MITB cash in.
– Who should direct the last Daniel Craig Bond film?
– We get in a debate over it means to be a good movie director and what it means to be pulled out of a movie.
– We discuss Tom King’s current run on Batman
– Dinner for 3 with DDP, Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman
– Tammy Lynn Sytch talks her affair with HBK.
– NXT Taker-over Brooklyn and SummerSlam predictions.

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