A Pro-Wrestling Lifestyle Podcast

#10 – “Scoring!”

This week Hank & Froy tackle….I mean GORE the following topics:

-The Mcgregor vs Mayweather Fight
– Scoring
– The current lack of Mexican Superstar in the WWE. Might the Trump/McMahon alliance be the cause?! JK!
– Daniel Bryan’s recent interview on Edge & Christain’s podcast about his forced retirement and being healthy enough to return to the ring.
– Hank’s conspiracy about why the WWE wanted Daniel Bryan to retire.
– The importance of NXT in preparing talent for the main roster.
– How Y2J Chris Jericho would have benefited from something like NXT before his WWE debut.
– Wrestling “Dad” Jokes
– Review of NXT Takeover Brooklyn 3
– The quickest review of SummerSlam 2017 EVER!
– Hank thinks that ROH & now NXT’s Bobby Fish is Bobby Fisher the missing cheese player.
– Wrestling finishing moves tie into the performer’s name.
– Day One is H
– And out of left field, the origin of PornHub and its disastrous effects adult film industry.

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