A Pro-Wrestling Lifestyle Podcast

What is The Wrestling Lifestyle?

I’ve got seven words for ya: We are in the wrestling lifestyle business!

For those of you in the same lifestyle, this statement alone should conjure up a vision of Vincent Kennedy McMahon taking a call from Ted Turner back in the day…as well as some well timed DX crotch chops for good measure.

Other than a daily barrage of mental images from the shows and PPV’s over the years, embracing the wrestling lifestyle bears many other crosses.

What are those you say? Let’s indulge in the pleasure of living the wrestling lifestyle:

Do you quote wrestling more often than you do movies, comics, TV shows, etc? (So much so, that, at times, you may as well be speaking another language)

Does your closet look like the WWE shop? (Let’s be honest, we all have our favorite “dress up” wrestling t-shirt….did I mention the
solitude of such a lifestyle? Haha!)

At some point in your life, did you realize that you don’t simply “watch” wrestling and that it’s a more of a complicated relationship? (For many of us, it’s probably the longest relationship we’ve ever had…) Don’t think so? Ask yourself this, how many times has wrestling affected your mood? Affected your relationship with others/work? Like I said, it’s very complicated (or “Broken” as the kids these days say, lol).

Do you instantly feel different about someone when you realize that they are a wrestling fan? (Not counting Cena fans… Roman fans…ugh…JK)

At one time in your life has wrestling made you a better or worse person? Heel or Face…there is no in-between!

In simplest terms, wrestling is real to us, and, at times, more than real. For those in the lifestyle, the end of Raw or any PPV is just the start of the awesome and cool world of being a wrestling fan. Hank and I will try to bring all of this out in the podcast, because we both feel that wrestling has made our world a better place AND that we have some cool and fun things to say on the subject. This movement, the pleasure and enjoyment of being a fan, can’t be experienced alone and we wanted to reach out to those people out there that are like us and this podcast will help us connect like a well timed Stone Cold Stunner (with the Rock type selling, of course).

Much like the Undertaker’s gong, if all of this rings true: congratulations, you are living the wrestling lifestyle. For those of you
that never realized the depth of this lifestyle before, I welcome you to the ranks…however, unlike the Shield, we won’t dissolving anytime soon (but we do reserve the right to hit each other with steel chairs multiple times…on the back…with bulletproof vests to take edge off…this I never understood) Like Brother Love we welcome you with open arms to our Wrestling With Reality podcast (only to Bailey to Belly Suplex you),

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