A Pro-Wrestling Lifestyle Podcast

#3 – Explaining your love of wrestling to non-fans

– The New PPV Name Great Balls of Fire is mocked…greatly.
– Las Vegas Gambling odds on WWE
– Betting on Pro-Wrestling
– Bars that still host WWE Events
– Seth Rollins losing steam as a face
– Hank’s going to Payback that night in San Jose
– Talking about being a Wrestling fan with non-wrestling fans.BOOOOOLLLLLDDD.
– Who are the real causal fans of wrestling…it the die hard who understand the art form?
– Tony Hinchcliffe on Joe Rogan Experience Podcast talking about being a fan.
– Why we love wrestling and comics
– Wrestling fans leaving wrestling for MMA over the last 10 years.
– Wrestling tie to the history of TV
– Wrestling being more socially acceptable in the 1950 and prior
– How UFC has become more Pro-Wrestling in build up than WWE is now.
– Modern Heels aren’t evil enough. No heat….just lukewarm.
-Was Macho Man really the first Tweener?
– Kevin Owens being the best current heel
– What kind of movies we’d make if we were in charge of WWE Studios
– How we each envision CM Punk returning to wrestling
– Carlito spitting apples in people’s faces
– Carlito and the stabbing of Cena in a club.
– Froy strongly recommends the 90’s TV series Wiseguy

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