A Pro-Wrestling Lifestyle Podcast

#2 – You might be a Satanist if….

-The JBL bullying controversy
-Jinder Mahal’s Push
-Randy Orton being boring
-Vince Russo calling Indy fans gay
-Hank on being a Finn Balor fan
-Does the Cruiser Weight division hinder talent based on their size and weight?
-At what age should parents allow their kids watch wrestling?
-Comparing the porn industry to the wrestling industry.
-The US title being more prestige than the World title on Smackdown Live
-Froy’s “love” of Baron Corbin
-Batista was an awesome Heel
-Batista as an actor
-What was wrong with the movie Specter
-The Rock/Vin Diesel Fast 8 Feud
-WWE getting the rights to the Broken Hardy gimmick and how the WWE should us it.
-The lack of stables in the industry
-Kane choke slamming Hank
-The Diva’s shows on E bringing in female fans to the product
-Hank introduces Froy to Max Landis’ Wrestling is not Wrestling
-The Superstar Shack-up
-Froy not digging the Perfect Ten
-Varsity Blues is awesome
-Internet related wrestling gimmicks
-Drew McIntyre back in WWE
-Hank is BIG on Aleister Black (Tommy End)
– You might be a Satanist
– Song of Silence Cover by Distributed

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