A Pro-Wrestling Lifestyle Podcast

#4 – TOO Sweet…and too Caffeinated

– Scott Hall’s scared shaking fingers!
– Ric Flair’s Doing Legal Commercials
– Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
– Blade Runner 2049 Trailer with Dave Bautista
– Hank Renames “The Reverent”, “The Bear”
– Review of Payback 2017
– Dwayne The Rock Johnson Running for President in 2020
– We unintentionally get too political for a few minutes.
– Is President Trump playing a heel?
– If so Hank compares it to Micheal Cole’s crappy heel run.
– How we would have created a House of Horrors match.
– Hank wants Froy to watch “Wresting Is Not Wrestling.”
– Why does the WWE allow the Coup de Grace, but not the Curb Stomp?
– We learn that Coup de Grace translates to a Wildstorm Comics books character
– We talk Guy Richie interview from The Joe Rogan Experience
– Froy reviews the first 5 minutes of King Author
– Part-timers as champions
– Long-term Booking
– Billy Corgan buying the NWA
– TV is now your radio and your phone is now your TV.
– Starbucks Mermaid looks like Jeff Hardy
– On what platforms do we watch wrestling?
– Raw and Smackdown Nelson Ratings
– What makes NXT special
– Our love of Hulu Premium and YouTube Red
– Reading comics on your phone or tablet
– We both really like the new WWE Comic from Boom Studios!
– Is Finn Balor done wearing the Demon Paint in the WWE?
– Seth Rollins’ new finishing move
– The origin of the GTO
– Current James Bond author on Idris Elba being “too Street” to play 007
– Hank compares the James Bond legacy with the American Ninja franchise.

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